Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Transportation Service

There are a lot of logistics that you and your partner should figure out for your wedding day, and the transportation could be the trickiest one. Thus, figuring out the number of vehicles you will need on the day of your wedding, what kind of car to rent, as well as for how long you are going to use it can be extremely confusing.  So, before you go book a car for your wedding, make sure that you are able to read our tips first in order to make sure that you get the most value out of your money. In this article, you will be guided with questions to make sure that you are able to properly assess if you really need a wedding transportation or not, as well as to choose the best wedding transportation for your event 

 Transportation Service

Do You Really Need a Transportation Service to Your Wedding? Are your reception and wedding ceremony taking place at the same location?   

If so, you might not need a wedding transportation service. Generally speaking, you will need a transportation service in order to get from one venue to another if your wedding is actually taking place in two venues. Therefore, if you are booking two different wedding venues, you will surely have to explore some options for transportation.  

What Type of Wedding Transportation Service is the Right Fit for You?   

First, you will want to determine how many guests you need or want to transport. This might include you and your groom or bride, your parents, grandparents, attendants, as well as those people who don’t’ have personal cars. If you want to make sure that your wedding is even more special and memorable not only for you but for your guests as well, you can treat your guests with luxurious experience by hiring a limo in San Antonio. Your guests will surely not forget their experience and your wedding day will surely remain in their hearts and minds. Plus, you and your soon-to-be spouse will be able to enjoy as well because of the luxurious amenities that the limo can give.   

How Long Would You Use the Transportation Service?  

Before hiring a transportation service for your wedding, make sure that you decide first the period of time that you will be needing the service. Decide if you want to hire the transportation service for the entire event, which includes taking everyone to the wedding ceremony, from the wedding ceremony to the venue of the reception, as well as home after the wedding reception. Obviously, this would be the costliest option any professional and reputable limo service provider will ever offer to you. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can also book a pickup or drop off transportation service only so that your driver will not wait around for the entire party to end at his regular hourly rate. If you are choosing a wedding transportation service provider for your big day, you should also make sure that you only hire a professional, trustworthy and reputable one.


Basic Things You Need to Know About Carpets 

Carpets can be an important component in your house; it adds comfort and design in the interior of our house. Carpets can be an expensive investment, especially if you want a good carpet and you are trying to cover up a large space in your house.

Don’t waste money by buying the wrong carpet, equip yourself with basic knowledge about the basic types of carpets, so you would know what you truly want. Here are the basic things and terms you should know, and as well as a sample of the different types of carpets.



Terms you Should Know

Don’t get caught up with the salesman trying to convince you of buying the carpet for all the wrong reasons. Know these basic terms so you could ask him/her with the right questions so that you can acquire all the information you need.

  • Fiber – Fiber is the main component of carpets; they are woven together to create plies; carpets can have a two-ply minimum and a maximum of 4 to 5 ply. The fiber is attached to a background of a sheet.
  • Pile – Pile is a term that refers to the height of carpet, or the overall height of the fiber. Pile is also called by others as nap or face.
  • Density – Density refers to the thickness of the carpet; on how close and the number of fiber over the total size of carpet. So,if the carpet has high density, then your carpet is stronger and gives more comfort.
  • Weight – Weight is also a determinant of the quality of the carpet. There two kinds of weights that you should ask for; one is the face weight, which is the weight of the fiber, and the other is the total weight. A heavier face weight means a better quality of carpets.
  • PAR rating – PAR stands for Performance, Appearance, and Retention. It is a scale used to measure the ability of the carpet to retain its appearance after use. It is a 1-5 scale, the higher the number, the better retention the carpet has.

Kinds of Carpet

Saxony – Saxony is a type of carpet that has a leveled surface and is composed of densely packed fibers. Because of the density of Saxony, it gives off a very plush and comfortable feel to your steps. After it has thread upon, your footprint or the vacuum would leave a mark to it; Saxony is mostly used in formal places.

Textured – Textured is not as dense as the Saxony, but it also gives a smooth surface nonetheless. It doesn’t also have a leveled surface like the Saxony, and so it is preferable to be put into more casual places. Textured carpets are not very stain-resistant, and it requires regular cleaning by you or a carpet cleaning services of your choice.

Berber – Berber is a type of carpet that has fibers with uncut and varying sizes. Berber is mostly made of fibers like olefin, wool, or nylon, and it is denser than other carpets like the textured one. But the height and style of its fibers though make it unsuitable for homes that have pets, for their tiny feet could be snagged up by the protruding loop of fibers.